Who: Lori, Kim and Danny

What: A sightseeing tour among friends

 Boston and the surrounding areas

August 22-24, 2014

 Friendship... and movie locations
 Sites Visited:
The Social Network 
Good Will Hunting
    Harvard Area 
The Real World: Boston 

When I was in elementary school, I had a very, very good friend named Kim. She lived down the block from me, my brother was friends with her brother, we hung out all the time and we ended up going to the same high school. My very, very good friend, Kim.

Then Kim went to college in Boston and I hardly ever saw her. Sometimes I would think about visiting  -- and then I never did. Kim would come back to New York on rare occasions and I'd see her then -- maybe. I was a sucky friend who totally sucked and my 6th grade BFF had to suffer because of it.

Then Kim told me she would take me to see Good Will Hunting locations and I was all, LET'S DO THIS, and made actual plans. Because I am a sucky and selfish friend.

Kim was already in New York on the day I was going to go up there, so instead of train-ing it, I rode in her car and we had 3 lovely hours to bond and make up for the lost time I'd allowed because I am a sucky friend.

The next morning, it was all entertainment sites, all the time. Kim enlisted her friend Danny, a lifelong Bostonian who knew more than most tour guides, to come along with us, and by 11am, we were out!

                                                      70 Beacon St, Somerville, MA
                                                                               (Social Network Film Location)

With its whole lobby filled with Social Network posters and behind-the-scenes photos, this bar was no stranger to the casual Boston-movie stalker. I was all about it. 

Because I was desperate to go inside and sit at the Jesse Eisenberg table where the first scene of the movie took place, I thought we should ignore the fact that we weren't hungry and order food anyway while sneaking some photographs.

(Social Network Film Location)

Turns out, just going inside and asking the very nice waitress in the very empty bar if we could just take a few photos works too.

Jesse Eisenberg sat here! Me too!

(Social Network Film Location)

                                                   1230 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 
                                                              (Good Will Hunting Film Location)  
It took Danny about 40 tries to get this shot while also dodging cars coming at him on the street. He persisted however and he got the job done. I'm considering hiring Danny as my lifelong photographer.

                                                                         (Jump to next Good Will Hunting location)

Across from the park, we then went to everyone's favorite hometown bar, Cheers. Years and years prior when I was in Boston seeing Gutenberg the Musical, the greatest musical ever made, I met up with Kim for an hour and we took a picture in front of it. Tragically, the photo was taken from the side that's not as recognizable, and that photo haunted me for years.

(Cheers Film Location)

Thankfully, we were able to make up for it on this day - right before I went inside and bought Cliff and Norm bobbleheads, a Cheers pen and some postcards. TV locations are great, but TV locations with merch - even better. 

(Cheers Film Location)

(The Real World Boston House)


(Ted Film Location)

On my last day in Boston, Kim brought me to Faneuil Hall and I went nuts at the New England-based Newbury Comics, buying every Breaking Bad and Big Bang Theory doll I could grab off the shelves. I'm a simple gal. Let me stand in front of something featured on a TV show and then let me buy merch from another, and I am one happy lobster.

Kim then dropped me off at the train station and I gave her a hearty farewell and a promise to visit again soon. It was an empty gesture before, but I actually meant it this time. After all, how else would I get to see where they filmed scenes from Ted 2?

Thanks for the mem'ries, Boston!