An Emmy Award-winning TV producer and award-winning playwright, Lori visited her first movie site in Seattle in 2009, and since then has visited television and movie sites in over 22 states and 60 cities in her quest for entertainment domination. As a writer, her work has appeared in the NY Press, Teen People Magazine, and in 2008, her musical comedy, Margot Frank: The Diary of the Other Young Girl was produced in Wayne, NJ. She is co-creator of the website,, a documentation of her travels around the country seeing different productions of Gutenberg! The Musical, and is proud to say she's never been on a vacation where she wasn't stalking entertainment in some capacity. Her other claims to fame include using over 10,000 magazine photos to decorate her apartment and being quoted in the NY Times for seeing 75 performances of the off-Broadway show, Altar Boyz. She admits to suffering from a slight(ly major) case of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.