If you've ever watched a TV show or movie and thought, "Gee, I wish I knew where that was filmed" or "I sure wish I could live vicariously through someone traveling across the country to visit those places," then this is the site for you! Join me as I go from New York to California and all the states in between to see what regular streets look like when Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts aren't standing on top of them.

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7/24 - 10 States! 8 Days! Read all about it here!
5/17 - Los Angeles! Again! Read all about it here!
10/12 - Hey there, Hocus Pocus! Read all about it here!
8/29 - Good Will Hunting! Cheers! BOSTON! here
8/16 - Went to Mystic and ate a lot o' pizza! Recap here!
8/8 - Revolutionary Road house visited! Recap here
8/1 - Orlando visited! Full recap here!
7/12 - Nyack visited! Full recap here!
7/6 - Chicago revisted! New sites! New photos! Full write-up here!
6/8 - Site launched! Thanks for stopping by! Much more to come!