Who: Lori & Jen P.
What: Spontaneous stalking
Where: Darien, CT, Rye, & Yonkers, NY
When: June 19, 2016
Why: Friendship continuation
Sites Visited:
Revolutionary Road
Who's the Boss
Catch Me If You Can

I am terrible at keeping in contact with people. If we don't work together, you're not on Facebook, or you're not a member of my immediate family, chances are I'll never see you. It's not even necessarily that I don't want to see you (some of the time). It's just that I'm inherently lazy and leaving my house to "talk" or "hang out" sounds like a special kind of torture.

So when my friend Jen texted saying that we should hang out, my first initial thought was, "Oh man, didn't we JUST see each other during that 8-day/12-state road trip through Middle America?? Like yesterday??

Or, more so in reality...a year ago.

I supposed it was time. 

When we talked, Jen said she didn't care what we did (mistake #1) so she left me in charge of the day (mistake #2). For once, because sometimes I'm a good person, I actually tried to think of her interests, what she would want to do, and plan an outing accordingly. 

Then I just picked a place to eat and took her to the house from Revolutionary Road.

I'm not really sure why I have friends. 

About a month ago, I caught my brother watching the film one more time and he asked me if I had ever gotten a chance to see it myself. Yes, in fact, I had. With him. Ten years ago. 

Jen didn't have as influential a brother as I did, so she had never seen the film or even really knew what it was about. Her enjoyment of this movie location would be confined solely to watching me skip around on a public sidewalk and bark orders about photography. 

A year ago, during our road trip of 2015, we had visited many a TV and movie location and Jen was forced to take many a photo. She loved it (at least that's what I tell myself) but she was terrible at it, quite possibly the worst. Very, very bad. But, it seemed during our twelve-month separation, she had taken some photography lessons, because... 

                     15 Chasmars Pond Road, Darien, CT
                                      (Revolutionary Road house location)

Nice job, Jen!

Not bad!

Keep it up!

                   15 Chasmars Pond Road, Darien, CT
                        (Revolutionary Road house location)

As we were getting ready to leave, I commended Jen on her newfound photography skills and she seemed pleased with her work. It wouldn't be until several hours later when I found gems like these on my phone:

I had maybe spoken too soon. 

It was around 3pm when we wrapped on the photo shoot and Jen, who was obviously suffering from some type of Stockholm Syndrome asked if there were any other movie locations we could visit in the area. Because this was "fun." 


In trying to be a decent(ish) person I had only put one house on the agenda so as not to take advantage of Jen's presence or come off like the inconsiderate jackass I am almost 99% of the time. Well, didn't that turn out to be a big friggin' mistake. 

Now I had to scramble!

When I had been there the last time, my brother wouldn't even get out of the car to take the photo because there were people everywhere walking dogs and enjoying their front lawns. On this day, the street was less crowded, and my photographer had way bigger balls.

(Who's the Boss house location)

Thanks, Jen!

Once that was done, we hung out in front of the Bower residence so I could look up other movies that were filmed in the tri-state area. I had a willing captive. I couldn't not take advantage. Trying to be nice had already screwed me once on this trip. I wasn't going for a second time.  

In reality, Leo's character and real life human, Frank Abagnale Jr lived about 15 minutes away from Yonkers, in New Rochelle, NY but Yonkers hit the movie jackpot by being within the union zone of NYC. Location. Location. Location. 

(Catch Me If You Can film location)

Since this was all being done on the fly, I didn't have any screenshots of the building locked and loaded on my phone beforehand, and when I tried to find the film on any possible streaming app, I failed. 

What I did find? A paparazzi shot of Leonardo DiCaprio standing near a wall next to the building. 

Good enough!

Later that night, I would find the actual scene filmed against that wall and die a little death inside because my angles were so far off. But that's a story for another day. 

Maybe I'll give Jen a call soon to catch up and see if she wants to go back. Hanging out with friends is so much fun!

As long as it's in front of a movie house. 

Thanks for the mem'ries, Darien, Rye and Yonkers!