Pittsburgh, PA
Jamestown, NY
Las Vegas, NV
Anaheim, CA
Sites Visited:
Mister Rogers' Neighborhood
The Fault in Our Stars
I Love Lucy
Impractical Jokers
The Hangover
Modern Family

In the summer of 2018, I went to a lot of places -- Vermont! New Hampshire! Michigan! Ohio! Nevada! California! -- and did a lot of things -- Ford factory! Troll museum! Disneyland! I was all over the place, scouring the earth, doing the funnest of fun things every hour of the day. And I didn't write about a single second of it.

In the summer of 2018, I was also very lazy. 

So, in the summer of 2019, I type here before you trying to make up for my transgressions, while also trying to get everything out as quickly as humanly possible so I can go back to being lazy.

Pittsburgh! I drove to Pittsburgh! The city that has an amazing airport that I never saw because I got there in my car!

The set from Mr. Roger's Neighborhood!

Located on the 4th floor of the John Heinz History Center, Mr. Rogers' living room, King Friday's castle and Henrietta Pussycat's tree stand tall waiting for someone to come by and take a photo in front of them.

And that someone was me.

This house from The Fault in Our Stars! I only saw this movie once because watching dying teens/adults/dogs [insert anything breathing here] isn't really my thing, but when in Rome... 

In the movie, for a reason I honestly cannot remember, everyone gathers around and throws eggs at this person's house. 

So above is me in front of that house!

And this is me on the street across from it where all the famous people stood!

From what I can remember a year later (and believe me, it ain't much), this was a very clean and quiet neighborhood, and nearly everyone on the street owns a dog that they needed to walk at the exact moment I needed to take these photos.

Also, in the Pittsburgh area is St. Paul's Episcopal Church, the site of the cancer support where the two stars meet in front of the parking lot area. A few years later, doors and bench remain very much the same, but a tip for anyone wanting to visit...

Probably not the best idea to go on a Sunday morning when church is letting out and two women decide to recount their life stories to each other in the exact same spot where you'd like to take a photo. For over 15 minutes, these women will not move, and because you're too terrified of people to ask them to move slightly to the right, you'll just watch them from afar and then leave, having to return several hours later to get your photograph. 

So yeah, don't go on Sunday.

Now, I'm sure Jamestown is a lovely place to live and work and enjoy many of life's simple pleasures. But as a tourist attraction... meh.

There is the great statue of Lucy that came out so horribly bad, it had to be redone almost immediately....

... and these museums that were the size of a shoe box, but if you love Lucy, you can love this too.

Also, there were replicas of the I Love Lucy living room and kitchen, which, let's face it, is worth the price of gas, hotel and $16 admission right there.

Later in the summer, I went to Las Vegas! The city of parties and gambling and getting trashed on your way to a wedding chapel, and where I did none of those things! 

16395 Bonnie Springs Road, Las Vegas, NV

In that episode of Impractical Jokers, Q had to dress up like a sheriff and get beat up by a group of cowboys and outlaws. During my visit, I just had to stand in front of architecture.

Bonnie Springs Ranch unfortunately closed in March 2019, so no further opportunities to pretend to be a sheriff exist. But I will never watch Impractical Jokers the same way again, and for that I am grateful. 

Turns out, in real life, hundreds of people are checking in and out of the hotel all day and night. Not so much when Zach Galifianakis showed up in The Hangover, but I did what I could with what I got.

And where I stood in 2018 while every member of my family left to go take a nap.

Now, speaking of napping... it's time to conclude this not-at-all-worthwhile recap of 2018.

See you all in present-day... someday.