Who: Lori & Jen
What: A stopover on the way to Oregon
Where: Mediterranean Inn
When: July 9-10, 2019
Why: Sleepless 2.0
Sites Visited:
Sleepless in Seattle

In the spring of 2009, I took a trip with 2 friends all the way to Seattle, Washington to see the greatest musical of all time (Gutenberg the Musical, for the curious) and to check out where Ted Bundy murdered a bunch of people. During the trip, I happened upon the diner where Tom Hanks hung out with Rob Reiner in a little film called Sleepless in Seattle, and a life of TV-traveling was made. 

Cut to: 10 years later and on a ridiculous road trip flying into Portland, OR and driving to Montana and Idaho to check off my list of visited states, I was able to stop in the city that started it all, thank it for the life that it’s given me and also, you know, run around in a mad dash to visit all the sites I didn’t get to see in 2009 while I was enjoying a leisurely vacation with friends pre-standing in front of stranger’s homes as my general lifestyle. 

My travel companion, would once again be Jen from the mid-America road trip of 2015, road trip of 2017 and road trip of 2018, who for whatever reason doesn’t mind sitting in a car for 8 hours a day traveling from one non-essential city to another. And although I was well-versed in the highlights of Seattle, Jen had never been to this particular city, so I got to show her all the sites. The Space Needle! The market! The first Starbucks!! 

The place where Tom Hanks got mail in a movie other than that one he also did with Meg Ryan.

In Sleepless in Seattle, on a rainy day, Tom Hanks walks to his mailbox only to find that he’s gotten hundreds of letters from women all across the country who’ve warmed to his DILF-form. 

In real life, also on a rainy day, I got to drive up to this same mailbox. 

Located right by the water, on a strip with restaurants, houseboats, and every biker and jogger that could ever possibly cross your path, parking is completely accessible and the mailbox is easy to find. Just be willing to risk your life as a group of people on bicycles go whizzing by. 

Next up, on the Sleepless in Seattle tour... the house where Meg Ryan and Bill Pullman announce their engagement! Shown in the very beginning of the film, this house is supposed to be in Baltimore, where Meg Ryan's character lives. But surprise! It’s NOT!  All movies are a lie.

In 1993, this house was out in the open air and Meg and Bill walked freely out of the house and onto the street.

In 2019, this house has been draped in bushes and protected by a security gate with several spikes that I’m sure could kill the average man. I don’t know what happened to the people that live in this house to make them want to do this to their home, but I thank them for leaving the tiniest hole out in the open for me to get this photograph:

Meg Ryan was here!!

Next up, another house boarded beyond belief in the past 26 years: the home of little Gaby Hoffman who just wanted to help her little friend Ross Malinger find a new mom. In 1993, regular house! In 2019, huge white fence! 

Seattle, what has happened to your sense of nostalgia?? Gaby Hoffman will never be able to recognize her childhood whereabouts!

Bu Jen, resident unpaid photographer, did the best she could. She’s come a long way since 2015.

The next morning, Jen got to see Pike Market, an actual tourist site of this great city! Fish! Merchants!

This street that Tom Hanks and Rob Reiner walked on!! 

During this walk, Rob Reiner explained to Tom Hanks the routines of dating, and then continued that conversation inside the Athenian Diner where I got to eat in 2009. A full circle experience! 

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This bench where Kyra Sedgewick sat in the great 1990s movie, Singles!!

Back in my high school days, I watched Singles on a pretty regular basis on and off for years. Then VHS tapes turned into DVDs and then DVDs turned into streaming and Singles is not currently available online for free, so I haven’t seen it in a very long time and therefore I don’t remember much of any of it, but in 1992, Kyra Sedgewick sat on that bench and in 2019, SO DID I.

Then, to give Jen even more of a thrill, we did Hop-On/Hop-Off shuttle service to see all the Seattle neighborhoods! One of those neighborhoods being Capitol Hill, the location of the apartment complex from Singles

While doing research on the shuttle, I read that this complex would be an easy peasy 6-minute walk from the stop we got off near the Jimi Hendrix statue. Well, FYI, that was incorrect information.

It actually took 20 minutes.

And it was raining.

And my phone died using the GPS navigation.

And then we got lost.

At this time, I would just like to say that I too, am not quite sure why I still have friends. I’m super annoying, I have compulsive tendencies that are nowhere near acceptable, and one day I’m going to cause someone to develop a leg cramp. 

But, I got to sit in the same spot as Bridget  Fonda....

And stand in the same spot as Matt Dillon.


obviously worth it.

Thanks for the mem’ries (again), Seattle!