Who: Lori, James & Danielle

What: 30th birthday celebration

Where: Cliffside Park, NJ, New York, NY

When: August 21, 2011

Why: Because... 30.
Sites Visited:
The King of Queens 
Sex and the City
The Cosby Show 
Who's the Boss

My friend Brendan, when he turned 30, rented out a ski lodge in Vermont and had 20 of his friends come hang out with him for the weekend. My friend, Laura when she turned that age had a "goodbye to the roaring 20s" party and made everyone dress up in costume.

When I turn 30, I went to the King of Queens house.

On August 21st,  the morning of my birthday, my family threw me a bone.

Located in Cliffside Park, NJ,  the house looks like pretty much every other house found in Queens, NY, but this one was special because it's in JerseyFor a complete history of the house and it's inclusion on the show go to number one TV stalker, Lindsay's page here..

(The King of Queens house location)


(Big film location)

But I was on the same street!

As this was one of my first movie adventures and my photographic street cred had not yet been established, I had no screenshots or photographs to emulate during my visit and and my photos came out embarrassingly bad. But that just means there's all the more reason for me to go back.

As we were leaving, we passed a school which upon further investigation was confirmed to be the one featured in the film. Another proper photo opportunity wasted. So young and so so stupid... 

Once these two locations were completed, my birthday was as good as I thought it was ever going to get. Call off the cake and the Facebook messages! I was done.

Then my brother told me he'd be willing to drive to Greenwich Village in Manhattan to go see a few more houses, and my birthday fun EXPLODED. As far as TV houses went, Greenwich Village was where it's AT!

(Sex and the City Carrie Bradshaw apartment location)

              10 Leroy St, New York, NY
                  (The Cosby Show house location)

             22 Grove St, New York, NY
               (Friends apartment location)

Actually that appeared to be it, but that was enough. We then went back to my house and I opened presents while watching Big on VHS tape and screaming, "WE WERE JUST THERE!" 

I don't remember what I did on my 18th birthday, my 21st, my 25th or even really what I did last year. But every time someone I know turns 30, I happily get to tell them how I celebrated that age.

They usually roll their eyes and end the discussion, but I know that's only because they're jealous... or much, much cooler than I am. I haven't decided which.

(Who's the Boss house location)

On a very small street with a ton of houses close together and a lot of people milling around walking dogs and taking strolls, it wasn't the most convenient place for a photo-op... but hey, sometimes things don't come easy.

Except Tony Danza. He always comes when you need him.

Side note: I would only realize afterwords that I was wearing the exact same shirt I was wearing during the last time my family and I visited houses on my 30th birthday. 

I should probably go shopping at some point.