Who: Lori and Heather 

What: A long walk around NYC

Where: Upper West Side, Manhattan

When: June 29, 2015

Why: You've Got Mail bribery
Sites Visited:
You've Got Mail
    Finale Garden
    Kathleen Apartment
    Cafe Lalo
When Harry Met Sally
Will & Grace

A native New Yorker and a lifelong Bronx resident, I have always lived in a world where the most iconic sites in our country are just a stone's throw away. The Empire State Building. Rockefeller Center. The Statue of Liberty. All I have to do is just hop on the 5 train and I'm there in 40 minutes.

The one thing proximity can't give me: a friend willing to take my picture as we walk around NYC visiting sites featured on film.

Enter Heather.

Heather, my old coworker and current friend, had mentioned to me on several occasions that she would one day like to go to the garden where the final scene of You've Got Mail took place. In the film, (spoiler alert!) Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan, meet at this garden to come to terms with their love, they kiss and the music swells; flowers are everywhere, and Heather is filled with oodles of delight every time. 

Because I am a great friend, I decided to make this dream of Heather's come true on a day we both had some free time... as long as she went with me to every other site featured in that movie, and every other movie with a location on the upper west side.

Because she's a better friend, she went with it.

Until this:
(Seinfeld diner location)

(You've Got Mail film location)

...and take my photo.

In all the years we had known each other, Heather had sadly never gotten to experience the joy of doing a movie tour with me. So she had no idea her actions and abilities on this trip would not only determine the worthiness of her friendship, but also whether or not we could even continue to be friends in the first place. 

(You've Got Mail film location)

Thankfully, she passed.

With the scenes saved on my phone, Heather was able to look at them, figure out where she was supposed to stand, and kicked some major ass.

The one taken before was too close up, she said. She dropped everything and ran off to behind a fenced-in garden and tried it again.

(You've Got Mail film location)

Heather and I are going to best friends forever.

Heather hopped on a ledge and balanced herself on the bottom of the staircase to take this picture. Heather, you had me at ledge.

(When Harry Met Sallyl film location)

(When Harry Met Sally film location)

(Will & Grace apartment location)

17 years after the fact, the tables had all been switched and things looked a little different, but Heather and I had a lovely time eating pastries courtesy of the sweaty $20 bill Heather had found on the ground hours before at the 91st St garden.

(You've Got Mail film location)

Then because Heather's a good friend she told me to go pay at the register so she could sneak this photo. 

(You've Got Mail film location)

After that, we took our tired feet and we concluded at the Bethesda Fountain in Central Park where dozens of NY movies have filmed and millions have flocked each year.

Blistered up and exhausted, I decided against taking any photos and we just sat and enjoyed the view. 

I was a New Yorker after all; I could come back anytime. 

Thanks for the mem'ries, NYC!