Who: Lori and Laura

What: A day trip in Philly and all the cities around it

 Ridley Park, Upper Darby, Philadelphia

When: July 7, 2015

Why: America
Sites Visited:

Jon & Kate Plus 8 
Silver Linings Playbook
The Sixth Sense 

On a hot day in July in 1776, a group of men sat in a room in Philadelphia and drafted what we know today as the Declaration of Independence. Over 200 years later, on a warm day in July in 2015, two girls set out on a journey to see the insides of that historic room -- and the movie locations that surrounded it.

(Jon & Kate Plus 8 house location)


We were gonna have so much fun!!!

(Silver Linings Playbook film location)

Before this trip, a ridiculous amount of effort was put into saving images from this 2-minute scene and then another 20 on that day trying to emulate it.

Close enough. 

                 4 S. Swarthmore Ave, Ridley Park, PA
                                  (Silver Linings Playbook film location)

Close enough. 

Close enough. 

Close enough.

We then drove a half hour south to Upper Darby where Bradley Cooper's character lived with big shot, Robert DeNiro. 

(Silver Linings Playbook film location)

For 12 seconds I debated going up to the front door and taking a picture just like this one, but then I realized trespassing wasn't on the agenda for the day.

                                                    95 E. Township Line Rd, Upper Darby, PA
                                                                                     (Silver Linings Playbook film location)

Maybe next time. 

Five minutes away, we then visited the diner where Bradley and Jen went during their jog. In the movie, they stopped at the diner after starting at Jen's house, but in reality, Jen's house is a half hour away and it's Bradley's house that's the closest. Movie MAGIC. 

(Silver Linings Playbook film location)

Because I sometimes have a conscious and don't want to put people out more than I already do with my never-ending crazy, I originally planned to just take a photo outside the diner and be on my merry way.

Because Laura understands my lunacy (and wanted breakfast), she told me I was an idiot and we went inside.

We passed by a framed poster of the movie in the lobby and were promptly seated at a booth two booths away from where Bradley and Jen filmed their scene. I freaked out a little that that booth was empty and instead of sitting in it, we were sitting in the seats of everyday commoners who hadn't been nominated for Academy Awards and/or won one. Laura offered to ask to move, but I shushed her and refused to allow it. When stalking a film location, you need to act like a ninja -- be quiet and unassuming -- and then attack.

Our waitress came to take our orders and we spent a few minutes chatting it up with her about the film, casually, very casually. She told us the majority of her customers had come solely because of the movie and that some of the other waiters had worked the night of the filming and reported back that everyone was nice.  

Somewhere in the middle of our conversation, a man and little boy sat at the Jen/Bradley booth and my plan of attack became a stakeout. Even if it took an extra hour for it to happen, we weren't leaving until that booth became free again.

(Silver Linings Playbook film location)
It only took us only an extra 20.

Then I got greedy. 

                                (Silver Linings Playbook film location)

While taking this photo, Laura explained to our new waitress friend the importance of photo recreation and correct camera angles. She, out of all my TV tour friends, was the one who seemed to enjoy this the most, and her photography skills were not to be messed with. She then told the waitress to look out the window, while this happened:

                                                   95 E. Township Line Rd, Upper Darby, PA
                                                                                (Silver Linings Playbook film location)

Thanks for the good times, Llanerch Diner!

After that, Laura's portion of the trip commenced and we Benjamin Franklin'd all over the place in downtown Philadelphia. 

(The Sixth Sense film location)

When stalking this place on Google maps, I got concerned that the inclusion of benches outside each house might call for dozens of people sitting outside and ruining my photo shoot. Alas, that did not happen. 

Haley Joel Osment lived here!
(The Sixth Sense film location)

Bruce Willis sat and waited for him here! 
(Plus in 20 years, no one ever bothered to fix the brick inconsistencies shown on the right of the right window!)
                                                    2302 St Albans St, Philadelphia, PA
                                                                                 (The Sixth Sense film location)

2600 Benjamin Franklin Parkway, Philadelphia, PA
(Rocky steps film location)

Side note: I have very boney arms.

Laura forced me to take the 10-minute drive and do it anyway.

(Philadelphia film location)

Friends don't let friends go un-photographed.

Thanks for the mem'ries, Philadelphia!