Who: Lori and Monica

What: 2 days, 1 night in our nation's capitol

Where: Washington DC.

When: August 5, 2015

Why: America
Sites Visited:
Forrest Gump
Wedding Crashers
    Lincoln Memorial 
A Few Good Men

Washington, DC., our great nation's capital. The place where decisions are made, legislation is passed, and where Elmo testified before Congress in 2002. A few years back, I took a trip down there with a few of my friends to visit the now-defunct National Crime Museum, and I spent the majority of the trip flipping out in front of Ted Bundy's murder car. So embracing the wonder that is our government is something I've never really gotten the opportunity to do. 

That was all to change soon enough. Before we broke for our summer hiatus, my good friend and co-worker, Monica mentioned to me that she'd like to take a trip down to DC to explore the Smithsonian. She was a big fan of the Night at the Museum films and wanted to see what all the fuss was about. Not a problem, Monica. What a wonderful way to become acquainted with our American culture and history! 

We drove down on a Wednesday morning and as soon as we parked the car, we went straight to the museums, observing all the wildlife Teddy Roosevelt shot up in Africa, some Amelia Earhart artifacts, and some dinosaur bones. 

Afterwards, we ventured outside with a map of the city and went for a lengthy walk to visit all the great historical monuments that are such a symbol of this great nation...

Once the monuments were done, we decided that we had had enough of our nation and to 
go back to our hotel to rest up for the next day's activities. We knew the address where our car was. We knew there was a Holiday Inn across the street. We had a full map of the district and GPS on both of our phones. 

We walked in circles for an hour and a half and close to 2 miles trying to find it. Washington DC is a hotbed of confusion. Also, it is very, very hot.

Monica was not so thrilled with me after that. 

The next morning, lover-of-animals, Monica, after seeing so many beautiful taxidermied cheetahs with their bullet holes hidden so nicely, wanted to go to the National Zoo and admire the cats that had yet to be stuffed. So naturally, I forced her into making a few stops beforehand.

(Dave film location)

I was standing in front of it.

After that, I was also able to find Dave's home that made a brief 10-second appearance in the beginning of the film. Unfortunately, the angle in which this photo was taken is not the same as it was in the film and therefore doesn't look like it did in '93.  So does it still count as a visited house? I haven't decided yet. 

(Dave film location)

(Wedding Crashers film location)

(Wedding Crashers film location)

Kudos to Monica for pretty much nailing the camera angles from the film. It was almost as if she heard me every time I screamed at her for getting it so, so  wrong. 

So here I am right outside the Tom Cruise apartment window that they'd show right before they cut to whatever they filmed inside a closed set! 

(A Few Good Men film location)
And here's the building where Kevin Pollack had a conversation with Tom Cruise!

(A Few Good Men film location)

And here's across the street where Tom Cruise had that same conversation! A parked car unfortunately prevented us from getting a picture in the full view it was shown in the movie, but I assure you Tom Cruise stood here in 1992. 

With that, I completed my movie tour of Washington DC, and we were free to spend over 5 hours in the blazing heat of the District of Columbia Zoo while Monica took pictures of every feline kept in captivity and then watched a possibly pregnant panda play with a ball.

Like THAT could ever be more fun that THIS:

Thanks for the mem'ries, DC!!