Who: Lori, Laura, Monica & a whole lot of co-workers
What: Forced socialization
Where: Rye, New York
When: June 19, 2015
Why: Big
Sites Visited:

There is nothing I hate more than eating dinner in a restaurant. Truly nothing. I hate having to eat at a table. Hate having to pay extra for someone to bring me food. Hate having to talk while also trying to chew. Hate it. Hate it. Hate it.

On the last week of work before our hiatus, I got a text from my friend and co-worker, Monica inviting me to join the rest of my co-workers for a celebratory start of summer dinner.

If I didn't hate restaurant-dining enough on its own, I despised it with people I saw and spoke to everyday. There wasn't a need to sit across from each other for another 2 hours. Hells no. I was going home to lounge on my couch and eat a sandwich.

And just like that I was going to dinner.

A few years prior, I had gotten to visit the NJ homes of the movie's characters, but despite its close proximity, I'd never gotten around to the Rye Playland boardwalk where Tom Hanks and Elizabeth Perkins filmed one of their final scenes.

When I was a kid, I used to spend every summer at Rye Playland's amusement park and every winter ice skating at its rink. Field trips, family trips, trips with my friends, I almost didn't need to take a photo because my memories of being there were so clear and so vivid.

But if the offer was out there...

(Big film location)

The beauty of Rye Playland and its boardwalk is the fact that no matter when you go, you'll always feel like you've walked right into 1988. Nothing ever changes. Nothing ever will.

Except instead of getting wishes from Zoltar you get water from an Aquafina machine.

                                                                                               (Big film location)

Our photo shoot took less than 5 minutes as we waited for our reservations.

The dinner afterwards took more than two hours. 

Everything comes with a price... ($18.95 for a basket of chicken and fries).